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Staying Healthy Amid Coronavirus

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest topics on everyone’s mind the last couple weeks is the news about Coronavirus, or Covid-19. Reading through posts and articles online, I have seen a range of reactions to this latest virus concern... Everything from a lot of fear and stress to others being more relaxed and taking it day by day. Although it does appear that more confirmed cases are being reported, I also think it’s very important to keep things in perspective.

Over the years, we have been through many different forms of flu and contagious disease, and as populations grow, I’m sure we will go through many more. While it is very heartbreaking the number of people that have died from the Coronavirus, keep in mind MOST that tested positive for Covid-19 have now recovered.

While I do agree that this virus is certainly cause for concern, I don’t think we should panic. In any kind of stressful situation, we have been taught that the worst thing you can do is panic. Instead, I think it’s good to keep a clear head and focus on the things we CAN do proactively to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick in general.

I don’t really consider myself a germaphobe, but I do practice wellness each day to keep myself as healthy as possible. So, I thought I would include some suggestions of things that I do to keep from getting sick. Of course, depending on your individual health or circumstances, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get sick even if you follow these tips. But I believe it's important to feel empowered in your health and wellness, and the below ideas are some preventative measures that I regularly follow.

1. Wash Hands. I know this is obvious, but it really is the number one way you can rid your hands of harmful germs, particularly when in public spaces. And really wash them, for a full 30 seconds... for an idea of how long 30 seconds is, sing the Happy Birthday song twice in your head (or outloud if you prefer!) while washing your hands.

2. When possible, don’t touch handles or doors but use your arm or elbow to push open doors. Also, you can take extra paper towels out of the bathroom to open doors, trash cans, etc that you may touch after your hands are clean.

3. Keep disinfectant wipes with you. I use these All. The. Time. If you go to the movies, wipe down the armrests. If you eat at a restaurant, use one to wipe the table. Use them to wipe down cart handles at the store. Whenever I fly, I always use them to wipe the armrests, tray table, video screen, wall, basically anything near me where someone else had most likely just been sitting before me.

4. Boost your immune system. You can do this by taking vitamins like Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, Elderberry syrup (you can even buy it in gummy form), drinking herbal teas, and eating healthy.

5. Drink LOTS of water. Daily. Most of us think we drink enough water each day, but if you were to actually measure it, you may not be drinking as much as you think. Water is different than ‘liquids’ so soda, beer, and coffee do not count (sorry!). Your body will receive the best hydration by drinking water.

6. Sit in a Sauna or steam room if you have access to one. This helps you to sweat out toxins that build up in your body that could make you sick, or even make you feel run down.

7. Sunlight! Spend time in the sun when you can. The warmth and vitamin D that you receive from the sun is healing and beneficial to your body.

8. Get enough rest! Sleep is important to heal and also re-energize your body. Feeling tired and depleted will make your body more susceptible and less able to ward off illness.

9. Exercise is also very important. Even getting just 15 mins of light exercise each day will do wonders for your overall health.

10. If you do start to feel sick, go to the doctor so you can be tested for flu and treated sooner rather than later. Especially now, it’s best to stay proactive and take action as soon as you start to feel any flu symptoms like body aches, fever, chills, cough, etc.

As far as traveling goes, the situation with this virus is very fluid with changes reported everyday. Some places are even showing signs of the situation improving. Still, I understand that people may not be comfortable traveling now… and that is OK! Each person has their own individual circumstances and comfort level with how to approach this situation. It is up to you to decide whether or not travel makes sense right now. I do strongly encourage you to look at trusted resources such as the CDC and The WHO (links below) for the most up to date information regarding the Coronavirus.

*If you are currently booked on a vacation with us, we are continually monitoring the situation and will keep you posted of new developments or any changes with regards to your trip.

If you have any questions or if there’s anything I can help with, please feel free to send a message!

~ Christy

Soulful Journeys

CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

WHO (World Health Organization

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