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Travel Advisor and owner of Soulful Journeys

Meet Your Luxury Wellness Travel Agent!

Hi, I’m Christy, a Luxury Travel Advisor and founder of Soulful Journeys Travel™. Soulful Journeys Travel is a specialized travel agency for solo women's travel and group retreats that offers customized travel planning to destinations around the world.


I love to design travel experiences that reconnect you to your own sense of wonder. We all have a lightness within us, an inner child who yearns to explore fearlessly and love without hesitation. Too often, though, we don’t let our light shine — we get bogged down with day-to- day details, overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists at work, or distracted by every “ping” our smart phones emit.


But here’s the good news: Travel can change that. When you work with an experienced travel agent that specializes in luxury wellness and intentionally- designed travel experiences, you are free to reconnect with the land, with your loved ones, and — above all — with yourself.

Travel That Lifts Your Spirit & Sets Your Soul on Fire

Do you yearn for a Wellness vacation beyond the ordinary, one that engages the mind, relaxes the body, and enlivens the soul?


Are you ready for a travel experience that ignites all of your senses — from the heady aromas of a spice market to the loosening of limbs during a sunrise yoga session?


Do you want to see first hand all the beauty this world has to offer … our group and solo travel company can help make your experience beautiful and leave you with lasting memories for years to come.

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My Top 8 Wellness Tips to Stay Healthy when Traveling

Going on a trip is exciting, but it can also be stressful! These 8 tips will help you counteract that stress and limit the effect on your body so you can have a fun and healthy vacation!

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Inspiring Itineraries

Get inspired with itineraries from our travel company for your next solo or group trip. Explore a few of my favorites! 
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