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Create Connections and Feed Your Soul with our Group and Retreat Travel Agent

At its heart, travel is about creating connections. Connections to new cultures, connections to new ways of seeing, and connections to the group who take the journey with you with the help of your knowledgeable travel agent.


Through my group travel planning agency, I take away the stress of putting together group trips, so you can focus on creating those connections without the planning worries. From matching you with the right travel experience to taking care of all the bookings for you and your fellow group travelers (or even escorting the trip myself), I’m here to create a sense of absolute ease for you. 

So, what kind of effortless group experience are you yearning for?

For Wellness Businesses With Unbounded Passion

You’ve built your business around a shared passion with your clients—whether that’s healing and strengthening their bodies, or soothing and celebrating their spirit. How can you take that client connection to the next level?


I help passionate wellness businesses and coaches create lasting loyalty through group retreats and travel planning with their clients. As an experienced group travel agent, I’ll design a group itinerary that allows you to dive deep into your shared passion. You promote the trip—and reap the benefits of an immersive shared experience. 

Benefits like: 

  • Free word-of-mouth advertising (every time one of your clients posts a picture from your trip, they’re promoting your business!)

  • Standing out from your competition with out-of-the-box, experiential marketing

  • Transforming your clients into lifelong brand evangelists

  • The chance to travel for free or at a greatly reduced cost

  • And most importantly, changing lives through heart-felt experiences and bonds to last a lifetime!


Interested in learning more about whether a group retreat is right for your business? Let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call:

For Solo Travelers with a Taste for Adventure

You want to explore off the beaten path. You want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and test your limits. You want to set your soul on fire with an experience that enlivens all your senses. Perhaps you're ready to venture out on your own, or maybe you're ready, but don’t want to do it alone...


Whether you're an independent solo traveler, or you're a solo looking for a group to bond with through travel, I invite you to join a Soulful Journeys curated group itinerary. Our travel agency will connect with like-minded travelers and discover a world full of wonder, without having to figure out the logistics for yourself. I’ve traveled solo myself plenty, so I know about the doubts and apprehensions solo travelers have. I put together these escorted group trips so you can honor your sense of curiosity and create new connections, while leaving the stress of solo travel behind.


Want to learn more? Get in touch and let's discuss the options for your next solo adventure!

For the Culturally Curious Ready to River Cruise

With the help of our travel agency, you and your group can spend days exploring astounding destinations on guided excursions, wine tastings, and tasty market tours. Nights spent dining together under the stars. A river cruise brings together the best of cultural exploration and relaxation—making it perfect for groups!


If you’re interested in traveling in comfort and safety with your group—without sacrificing the soul-stirring nature of immersive cultural and wellness experiences—I’d love to put together a perfect-fit river cruise for you (you may even get a group discount, depending on the size of the group!).


Want to roll down the river and meet like-minded travelers on your soulful journey? Join me on a hosted river cruise experience! Our group travel planning agency will take care of all travel arrangements for you, and you’ll get to meet fellow Soulful Journeys travelers on board. Get in touch with a skilled group travel agent to learn more about our river cruise itineraries.

Book a complimentary call with a group travel agent now!

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