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Meet Christy Boyce

The Luxury Travel Advisor for those in Search of Inspired Journeys

Hi there, soulful traveler!


I’m Christy, the owner and founder of Soulful Journeys Travel. I help intentional travelers like yourself experience the world in a whole new way — forget about simply lounging by a hotel pool or eating at the buffet on a 3,000- person cruise ship. Let’s plan travel together that truly inspires.


Travel has been a major catalyst for growth throughout my life. I took my  first big  solo journey to Africa when I was 25, and … wow. Words cannot capture the life- changing nature of this journey.


My travels took me to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond. From heart-pumping safaris through the African bush, facing challenges of having no electricity in many camps or hostels, to connecting with kindred souls on their own journeys of discovery, I learned so much about myself — and the incredible destinations I explored — on this trip. It really ignited my hunger for soulful travel, and it led to the creation of my own travel agency in 2008.

But travel is about more than growth and self-discovery — I believe travel can heal, too.


Several years ago, my best friend — someone I considered my “soul sister” — passed away very suddenly. I was devastated, and I turned to travel to help me through the pain. I started extending my work trips so that I could take more time for myself. I took long, quiet walks on beaches all over the world. I reflected on my own life while standing in the shadow of ancient Mayan ruins. And little by little, I came back to myself, savoring life again. Through travel, I learned to look back at the memories my friend and I made together with joy and gratefulness, instead of just sorrow.


Travel can be that powerful.


Whether you’re itching to embark on your own soulful journey to grow, to heal, or to simply explore all that this world has to offer, I would be honored to be your guide. Would you like to connect on a complimentary call?


Book your complimentary call now!

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