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Let Your Spirit Fly with Luxury Escapes to the World’s Most Moving Destinations from an Experienced Adventure Travel Agent

When’s the last time you let yourself be awed by the majesty of mist-covered mountains…surprised by the sour-sweetness of just-picked berries that burst in your mouth…or cradled by the warmth of the sun’s last rays as it sinks below the horizon?


It’s time to truly feel again. It all starts with an experiential travel itinerary from a skilled adventure travel agent, who can create an experience tailored to your needs and a journey that is full of the life-affirming moments your soul has been yearning for.

What kind of journey has your soul been yearning for?

Cultural Getaways

From the high rises of Hong Kong to the beaches of Bali, from Paris’s cobblestone streets to Thailand’s golden temples— the world’s greatest cultural capitals beckon you to come explore. Indulge your cultural curiosity with a cultural travel getaway that allows you to discover a city on your own terms, whether that’s on a river cruise, small-group tour, or tailored itinerary. Your custom-crafted getaway will balance wellness with cultural travel. Think sipping limoncello while the sun sets on an isolated outcrop of the Amalfi Coast … and then waking up to a sunrise yoga session on the beach.

Image by Christine Wehrmeier

Adventurous Escapes

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit, don’t tamp that down on your travels! Awaken your soul like never before with a bespoke adventure to one of the world’s last remaining wild places, planned by an adventure travel agent who knows the area well. Whether your adventures include hang gliding off Table Mountain in Cape Town, spotting the Big Five on a safari, or zip lining through Costa Rica’s lush jungles, we can plan your heart-stopping itinerary while working with vetted travel contacts we know and trust. That way, you can travel safely without compromising your sense of adventure.

Image by Sneha

Wellness Journeys

Stretch yourself — both literally and figuratively — on a wellness journey that calms your being and rekindles the light within. Our high end travel agency can design itineraries to include luxury spa treatments, group or private yoga or reiki sessions, guided meditations, and other healing elements that speak to your soul. Finally, a vacation that’s truly relaxing, reviving, and downright rejuvenating.

Image by Inspired Horizons Digital Marke

Bucket List Planning

You’ve got BIG travel dreams—let’s work together to turn them into a reality, on a timeframe that works for you. Too often, our bucket lists grow and grow…but we never get to check our dream destinations off! That changes with Soulful Journeys’ bespoke bucket-list travel portfolios. Our high end travel agency will work on retainer to develop a long-term plan that takes you to the special places that inspire your wanderlust. Note: A retainer fee applies for long-term bucket-list planning services.

Image by Jeison Higuita

Why Soulful Journeys™?

Whether you’re planning a group getaway with family or friends, a honeymoon that takes you way beyond those typical “romance” spots, or even a solo adventure just to reconnect with yourself, journeys from our skilled adventure travel agent deliver travel magic with soul-enriching discoveries around every corner.

When you plan a trip with Soulful Journeys Travel, you get to work one-on-one with an experienced luxury travel advisor to build the journey of your dreams. On your soulful journey, you can count on:


  • An adventure travel agent that listens to your dreams and puts your needs first, designing a custom-crafted — never cookie-cutter — itinerary.

  • Experiences that go deeper, instead of just grazing the surface. My adventure and cultural travel services are for travelers in search of journeys, not just vacations.

  • Expert guidance on logistics and safety issues, so you can let your worries go while you travel.


Ready to embark on your own soulful journey that ignites your passions and opens your eyes in extraordinary ways? It all starts with a complimentary, no-obligation planning call so I can learn more about the trip you’ve been dreaming of.


On the call, we’ll dive deep into your travel style and the destinations that set your soul on fire, and I’ll go over my process and planning fee with you. It’s the first step toward the journey of your dreams.

Book my complimentary call now with a high end travel agency!

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